The New Blog

I started doing a podcast after some friends of mine had started their own. My friend Seth does one called "American Heritage" where he interviews other veterans about their experiences in and out of the military, and occassionally does a spinoff episode that gets more in depth about a topic that comes up in an interview. He himself is an Air Force veteran so it something close to his heart.

My friend Jeremy, the one who really got me going, does one with a friend of his called "Brown Thunder White Lightning" which is literally a couple friends having some beers in a garage and bs'ing about life and the news!

It got me thinking about doing my own, so I did! I picked up an old mic from Jeremy and pretty quickly put out a few episodes. My mind wanders all over the place, and my day job affords me the opportunity to consume a lot of content over headphones and the occasional old fashioned book. The podcast gives me a way to work through the stories and ideas I enjoy on a  bit deeper level. Honestly its been somewhat therapeutic for me too! I am easily sucked into the blackhole that is political news or current events, and I am very much "religion and politics" guy. So "Wading In" as I called it, gives me a fantastic outlet to escape the 24/7 news cycle and put my mind to work on more cheerful subjects.

So, if you haven't guessed, my name is Wade. And the title of the show "Wading In" is a pun on my name. Im not a proper historian by a long shot, nor am I particularly scholarly at all, but I do love history and a good story. "Wading In" is exactly what I like to do, learn a little about everything, try to be a well read person, without claiming to be an expert.

The blog will be an extension of that theme, I'll curate articles, and other material here relevant to the premise of the show. For the most part, its gonna be like a news feed for stories you don't often see on Google or Apple News, anything from dinosaurs to aliens!

I hope you enjoy!