Creepy Wolf Eyes, from the Internet 

Where did Lore and Legends go? Well truth is I've been busy lately, work, family, and even a little adult back to college shenanigans. The good news is a couple new Lore and Legends episodes are recording soon. 

Here's the roadmap: Baba Yaga in the next week or so, Jersey Devil not long after, and "Is Easter a pagan ripoff?" (title tentative) which will be timed with Easter! And a bunch of other stuff I want to get to, including attempting a a sort of "Audiobook" style reading of an old book about a Wendigo encounter!

Also if you aren't already aware, I co-host another podcast called "Skinwalker Radio" named after the infamous ranch in Utah that is associated with all kinds of weird paranormal stuff. I've always been interested in weird stuff, and managed to get hooked up with a man who worked at Skinwalker Ranch   and for Robert Bigelow. It sent us down a rabbit hole into UFO's and all sorts of crazy stuff! A fair bit is 'off record' even because its so crazy. 

While looking at this picture, play the X-Files theme or the Twilight Zone theme

Recently we interviewed a couple of Navy Veterans who witnessed the "TicTac UFO" that buzzed around the Nimitz led navy fleet, and have a few more of them on the way.  Its been fun and I think moving forward, Skinwalker Radio might have a more regular pace as we're surprised by our luck in getting people to talk to us or commit to recording an interview. We may even get to be involved in some UFO hunter stuff being spearheaded by some ex-military types (more on that later).

ALSO, I'm bringing back the YouTube Channel and intend to try and do a better job keeping it up to date and having a little more of a slideshow to go with the audio! You can check it out here on this blog by clicking "Videos" at the top or go visit YouTube:

So in the meantime, check out some the old episodes! I might recommend Patrick of Ireland since St Pattys day is around the corner, or maybe "Secrets and UFO's" if you want some of my take on that issue.

Love? Hate? Questions? Drop a comment below, or on any of the posts here at loreandlegends.net and I'll get back to you ASAP! You can also look for me on Twitter @obiwade or follow the Facebook Page

Yak at ya soon!