Stayin' Alive

Crystal Ball, By eddyhaze,
There will be another episode of Lore and Legends in the very near future and the picture is absolutely relevant. I know it seems dead at times but I'm still here, and stayin alive in the midst of the coronapocalypse, regular apocalypse, or most epically retarded human timeline ever, or whatever you want to call the strange times we're in.

 I have a fairly large topic coming up and am sort of wondering how best to approach it. At the moment it's looking like I'll have several episodes broadly connected and in the same genre but self contained to their respective episodes. It should be fun, as some of it is a little history/religion/lore and some of it is conspiracy/scifi/tech!

I meant to have had another episode out by now but with everyone Kung Flu Fighting, I've had a lot goin on. And if you aren't already aware, I do help out with another podcast called Skinwalker Radio which takes my "podcast making time", from time to time. 

Skinwalker Radio is a more or less Interview focused show about the paranormal / UFO related stuff. Check it out sometime, we've had a lot of cool guests ranging from a  former guard at Skinwalker Ranch, to witnesses of the 2004 Navy "TicTac" UFO. And for those who actually read this post, we recently interviewed Thomas Winterton who appears in every episode of History Channels "Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch" and is the Superintendent of the property, as also upcoming is a man named Paul Smith who took part in the CIA/Army "Project Stargate" remote viewing program which is going to tie into the upcoming Lore and Legends episodes!

I've also been thinking a lot about social media and the podcast. And I think a lot of that is going to slow down more than it already has. I actually dislike Facebook for the most part, and the only real reason I even get on anymore is for the Lore and Legends page. I am personally most active on Twitter where you can follow @obiwade

With that said, I plan to start updating this blog more frequently, and hopefully daily. If you follow me elsewhere you've probably noticed I enjoy posting science / history themed articles that are often outside the mainstream. I plan to start making those posts here and offering a bit of commentary as well to keep the website refreshed and interesting. You can also comment on any post here without an account! 

Oh ya, there is probably also gonna be a return of the name "Wading In" in the form of another podcast unrelated to any of this! But more on that later. Thanks for checking out Lore and Legends! 

The Bee Gees, "Stayin Alive" 1977