"Wading In" is now "Lore and Legends"

New Logo!

"Wading In" is now "Lore and Legends"

The original name of "Wading In" was a play on my name, and I felt like it worked. After all I'm Wade, so when I get into something I'm "Wading In" tee tee! 

But it was a terrible name as far as discovery goes, and it did nothing to get the point of the show across in a few short words. I thought about it, and settled on "Lore and Legends". 

#1 That is what I want to do, tell stories from all over the human timeline and think about the ramifications of those stories, or the lack thereof. 

#2 It was a name that was still mostly available! The .com was taken, and far as I could tell no major widespread podcast was using it the way I have it.

#3 "Lore and Legends" reminds me of a couple major podcasts I listen to on the reg "Lore" and "Myths and Legends", which were both inspirations for me doing this!

I've also done some pruning, namely to the YouTube channel. It doesn't exist anymore. And I also left Instagram. If you like the video form, check out Bitchute! I still post there, because for whatever reason It does pretty well on Bitchute considering how new, and to this point infrequently updated the channel is.

I still keep the Facebook page going, And I am active Minds.com. I also changed the blog to allow anonymous commenting so that you don't have to sign in to anything to post!

The podcast will still be available on all the major platforms. For the foreseeable future this is how I plan on doing things!

I also simplified how to support the show. If you feel generous, just go to PayPal.me/loreandlegends where you can give any amount as a one time gift rather than have to navigate signing up for something. 

Or you can check out Patreon.com/LoreandLegends where you can become a supporter for as little as $1 and unlock bonus content in the form of exclusive podcast episodes and maybe even some merch! 

There will also be a link to it on the top of the website. You can still give via Anchor.FM/loreandlegends/support if you prefer. 

Additionally, if you join Minds.com, you can tip me with tokens! Which you can earn for free on minds and unlock bonus content that way!

I have been extremely busy with work and school and family lately so I haven't had time to sit down and put something out, but rest assured Im on it, and the show will return shortly!

Thank you for your patience and support! Yak at you soon!