"Wading In" is now "Lore and Legends"

"Wading In" is now "Lore and Legends"

The original name of "Wading In" was a play on my name, and I felt like it worked. After all I'm Wade, so when I get into something I'm "Wading In" tee hee! 

But it was a terrible name as far as discovery goes, and it did nothing to get the point of the show across in a few short words. I thought about it, and settled on "Lore and Legends". 

#1 That is what I want to do, tell stories from all over the human timeline and think about the ramifications of those stories, or the lack thereof. 

#2 It was a name that was still mostly available! The .com was taken, and far as I could tell no major widespread podcast was using it the way I have it.

#3 "Lore and Legends" reminds me of a couple major podcasts I listen to on the reg "Lore" and "Myths and Legends", which were both inspirations for me doing this!

There is also a Lore and Legends YouTube Channel you can subscribe to, or you can click the "Videos" tab on the homepage. I also have a channel on BitChute and BrandNewTube if you prefer. 

The podcast is available on all the major platforms. Even a few you probably never even really heard of hosting podcasts!

I also simplified how to support the show. If you feel generous, just go to BuyMeACoffee.com/LoreandLegends where you can give any amount as a one time gift rather than have to navigate signing up for something. 

Aside from that, the best thing you can do is share the show and leave me a 5 star review on Apple!

Thank you for your patience and support! Yak at you soon!