Secrets and UFO's

Why is it that things that could seemingly change the world, are so frequently kept secret? Power? Fear? Pride? Ineptness? Or maybe some mixture of all of the above... 

The Area 51 Raid story from a couple months ago really made me think about the nature of secrets. What kinds of things might be secret? What might just be a mystery box with no ending? And what if it's all just a grand delusion we built up in ourselves? If secrets are worth keeping, how far would you go to keep it? 

Did Epstein kill himself? Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

As for me, I have my own feelings about the UFO phenomena. I have done about as much research as I think I need to, and I have built up my own theory to account for atleast some of the UFO phenomenon, mainly of the GoFast,FLIR1, TicTac variety, but that'll be a podcast episode of own in the near future... I for sure find the wholesubject more than interesting, and I have just as many questions as the next guy. And recently there's a story that the "Rendlesham Forest Incident" from 1980 might be more than a story after all... Soft disclosure maybe?

Do I support the idea of state level secrecy? Maybe, I guess it depends what the subject is. Really, if we're going to have government, the real question is: Do we trust the people running it? Most of the time for me that's a solid no. But we do live in a world of governments like it or not, and not all of them are as friendly as we'd like. 

This paragraph right here would normally be a political tangent about anarchy, statism, patent law, but I opted to remove it for all our sakes.

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Below is a bunch of links to some of the UFO topics I find the most interesting, as well as some other FOIA type documents and a handful of science  write-ups I find particularly intriguing, add your favorites in the comments! 

Project Pluto: Nuclear Powered Aircraft

"Go Fast" UFO

USS Nimitz UFO Incident "FLIR1"

1989 Belgian UFO Wave
(lots of witnesses, maybe)
Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980
1978 Kaikoura Lights, New Zealand
New Zealand Defense Force UFO Report 1956-1979 Declassified 2010
New Zealand Defense Force UFO Report 1978-1981 Declassified 2010
New Zealand Defense Force UFO Report 1979-1980 Declassified 2010

1997 Phoenix Lights

1967 Malmstrom AFB UFO Incident
(Nuclear missiles mysteriously disabled, Soldiers report UFO)

Skinwalker Ranch

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