Skinwalker Ranch

Upcoming Podcast about Skinwalker Ranch

One of the more fascinating places on planet earth if you're into paranormal stuff, UFO's, or a good old fashioned government conspiracy theories is Skinwalker Ranch. Skinwalker Ranch is located in northeast Utah outside of the small town of Ballard.

The area has seemingly had an aura of mystery surrounding it for generations. Check out this timeline at It was really in the 1990's when the Sherman family moved in that things started to get really really weird. From bullet proof wolves, to cattle mutilations, to glowing orbs that hate dogs, to shadow figures and full blown monsters, the Sherman family experienced it all. As word spread, the ranch (supposedly?) attracted the attention of billionaire Robert Bigelow who is known to be very curious about UFO's and the paranormal. Bigelow set up a team of scientists under the name 'National Institute for Discovery Science'. This team attempted to document and quantify the phenomena on the ranch but had minimal success. Colm Kelleher, one of the scientists in NIDS who still works for Bigelow to this day, would go on to publish the book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" in 2005 that documented the history of the ranch, along with the experiences of the NIDS team which was disbanded in 2004. 

It's also worth mentioning here that physicist Dr. Eric Davis was also part of the NIDS team. I mention this because he works for a company called EarthTech. Dr. Eric Davis is very open when it comes to discussing the topic of UFO's. Just search for him on YouTube and you can find all kinds of things! But, back to EarthTech, I mention that because Earth Tech is one of the companies listed on the declassified AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program) list of programs. And this company is headed by a more interesting fella name Hal Puthoff. Hal has been in the "weird" world for a very long time. In fact, he used to run the CIA's "Project Stargate" which was about Remote Viewing! That comes up during the NIDS days even, when Hal and some of his associates are asked to take a look at the ranch. If you google Hal Puthoff, you'll quickly find out he is also (along with Dr Eric Davis) associated with even more incredible sounding physics projects from warp drives to quantum physics and alternate views of Einsteins relativity. Clearly these are some very sharp people.

AATIP programs that involved EarthTech

So how is that they all end up at the ranch? What is it about the place? OR, is it less the place, and something else that is going on behind the scenes...

That question really gets me going. Because unlike Area 51 or S4 or whatever, Skinwalker Ranch has ALL THINGS PARANORMAL. And what is the answer? Supernatural, alien, manmade, all of the above? 

Skinwalker Ranch seems more and more to be the "nexus" where all of the UFO type lore come together. Ive looked at stuff that makes me think its aliens. Then the next day been convinced it was all the Navy, only to then decide it was perhaps both. Ive also kind of gone from more traditional UFO focus, to jumping headfirst down the mind control experiments rabbit hole. Skinwalker Ranch has all of those things and more.

The more and more a friend and I dug into it, the stranger and stranger art seemed. Then as fate would have it, we connected with a person who was there on the ranch for many years working for Mr. Bigelow. This story convinced us to put as many things together as possible and release it as a podcast. Because podcasting is free and easy, and this story is fun, but also may be extremely important. 

So we started Skinwalker Radio in an attempt to catalog all of this in how ever many episodes it takes. Specifically events on the ranch AFTER the NIDS era. And then leave it out there forever. We aren't looking to make money or run ads or sell t-shirts or get famous, its genuinely a hobby that we both enjoy pursuing that may also be important. We are planning out more interviews and discussions and force this thing lasting maybe a dozen or so episodes. We haven't set up anything official, other than the podcast itself and Private Facebook group called "Skinwalker Radio".  So check those out and stay tuned for more! Ill also add relevant stuff to this blog for Lore and Legends as it develops.