World War Flu

Camp Funston at Fort Riley Kansas during the 1918 Outbreak

"I had a little bird
Its name was Enza
I opened the window 
And In-Flu-Enza"

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How has your town handled the outbreak of Wuhan Virus or if you prefer "Covid19" ? Here in Kansas, anything Lysol or Clorox branded is gone. The run on toilet paper, and bottled water is just as intense. And peoples preference for beef is noted, as the shelves have been stripped bare of ground beef and cheap steaks while chicken and pork remain. Leave a comment if something odd stuck out to you!

Wuhan Virus is just the latest in a long line of diseases that have threatened humanity. Do you think its as bad as advertised? In 1918 "Spanish Flu" swept the entire globe killing millions upon millions of people in a single years time before disappearing. Don't forget this also happened during World War 1. The world was rocked hard. But it came roaring back, and Spanish Flu is little more than a memory.

The Spanish Flu Virus 

Now as promised, here are the links to sources used in the "World War Flu" episode of Lore and Legends.

Spanish Flu death chart 

Canadian Spanish Flu Warning