Dreams and Visions

Nebachudnezzars Dream. Daniel Chapter 2


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We all dream. Sometimes when we say that we mean it in an aspirational sense, as in we have "dreams". But for this post and podcast I'm talking of course about literal "dreams" that for the most part we seem to not be able to control. What are they exactly and why do they happen? As stated in the podcast and as you can find by searching, no one is really sure why we dream, what they may or mean, or if they serve some practical purpose in dealing with emotion or making memories. (The making memories part reminds me of the 'reveries' experienced by the robots in HBO's Westworld!)

For this episode, most of the dreams I shared come from old texts like the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Bible. I also mixed in some Japanese stories, as well as some Native American stuff and Nikola Tesla for good measure. All of which will be linked to at the bottom of this post.

But as promised here is a dream that I had during a time when I was dealing with quite a bit of stress.

Me, my wife, my daughter, and several other people were on a warm hilly island in the middle of an ocean. By hilly, I suppose I mean "Hilly" like the Flint Hills of Kansas, large grassy and rocky rolling hills extending out to the beaches. 

Flint Hills of Kansas

But we weren't just standing there, we were all riding atop some incredibly large vehicle I can best describe as a tank. It was huge. Shapewise, something like a WW1 tank but without the guns, but the size of a Sand Crawler from Star Wars. 
British Mark V Tank

There were over dozen people that I remember but they were mostly just kinda there and not anyone I recognize. Good old fashioned NPC's. I don't know why were on that thing, but we were headed out of the hills and to the ocean. And in general it wasn't necessarily a "good" vibe. It felt like were escaping something unpleasant but nothing so bad as a war, or a plague etc... 

Then out of nowhere a massive Centipede got on top of the tank. And by massive I mean 10+ft tall, bright red with the yellow legs big fangs and all.  


It hurried onto top of the tank and everyone was afraid of it. It reared up to attack but I got in its way and fought back as hard as I could. The fight lasted awhile, and ultimately knocked it off of the tank and onto the ground. But I pursued it, and It was for the most part a stalemate sort of battle, though I never felt tired and felt like I could keep fighting indefinitely. But then I heard my wife hollering at me at to come back. The second or third time I managed to turn around and see that the massive vehicle with my wife and baby daughter was almost off the last hill and to the beach and ultimately the water. 

I realized then what had happened. And apparently the Centipede did to because it also stopped, though it didn't leave me and wasn't about to be friends. In my pre-occupation with the monster, I fought it all the way off the tank. At that point I could have stopped and left it in the dust, but I couldn't leave it alone and forget about it. I was so concerned with beating the thing that I had inadvertently left what was important. My ticket out of the unknown hills o fate centipede, and of course my family. By the time I cared to realize that, it was to late to catch up. 

It seems really random, but man, to this day it is one of the most vivid heart pounding dreams I've had. And if Im honest with myself I know exactly what it was getting at. At the time I was preoccupied with some other family drama. The kind of stuff that gets under your skin if you let it and begins to poison your outlook on every action that might be taken. I did actually have several vivid dreams during this time period. The next one I remember most was a similar sort of premise, but involved me refusing to leave this little boat in a cold ocean because I was convinced It was going somewhere.

Reflection of my emotional state? Yes. My subconscious or whatever unpacking the end game of an emotional state my conscious self couldn't? It sure seems that way. A message from the man upstairs to get my crap together? I certainly wonder....

If you have a dream you'd like to share, drop it in the comments below or post it to Facebook.com/loreandlegends, I'd love to hear you're experiences and any thoughts you might have about dreaming at large.

As for what you can expect from me next, you can expect something about Crystal balls and divination that's maybe a little more history focused, then it'll be on to the CIA's Remote Viewing, which you can get a glimpse on my other podcast Skinwalker Radio her real soon...

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