The CIA's Project Stargate and Life on Mars

Image from NASA's Curiosity Rover depicting what looks like a Pyramid

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The US Government has spent millions and millions of dollars over several decades researching paranormal abilities. The focus of this episode of Lore and Legends was of course the remote viewing of Project Stargate and it’s predecessor programs. Specifically though I wanted to share this story about a remote viewing session that had one of these "psychic spies" investigating the planet Mars as it was a million years ago.

My favorite wild moment in this case, was the remote viewer interacting with an alien being from the past who wrote him off as a "hallucination" while he (the alien) hid out in a pyramid built to escape some planetwide catastrophe as he waited on rescue from his pals in the UFO!

Did they end up on earth and Mars broke? It's something to think about.

We did also have the pleasure of hearing from the current head of the International Remote Viewing Association Dr Paul Smith, and we asked him specifically about this case and his take was "we cant prove it, and because we cant check it then who knows, until we land on mars and poke around or meet an alien that can tell us its just a story". If you're interested in that conversation, check out Skinwalker Radio, which is a podcast about the weird that I help out on quite a bit! 

Speaking of Skinwalker Radio, I mentioned Hal Puthoff and UFOs, you'll find lots of that on other episodes of Skinwalker Radio including some great interviews with eye witnesses to a lot of weird stuff!

Here are the notes and sources that were used for this episode of Lore and Legends, and some extra leads: