UFO Crash Retrieval and the New York Times

 There has been a flurry of UFO centric articles in the last 12 months coming from increasingly mainstream sources like Popular Mechanics where Tim Mcmillan expertly covered the now widely reported Navy UFOs like the TicTac and the Gimbal UFOs. The New York Times has a couple of articles of its own including the one titled "No Longer in the shadow's Pentagons UFO Unit will make some findings public" that spawned this podcast episode and blog post. Even Tucker Carlson, the most watched cable news anchor, has had several shows with a dedicated UFO segment. 

But despite being widely panned in UFO culture for being boring and nothing new, the New York Times article did move a little piece of "evidence" that has been floating around closer to the mainstream. "The Admiral Wilson Leak" or "Wilson/Davis Notes" 

You can check it out for yourself right here:



So what do you think about that? 

If this memo is legitimate, then this is huge news indeed. The questions immediately goes to "who are they?" "Where did they come form?" "Are they still here?" I'd toss in one caveat though to the "Are we alone" discussion. Most religions have already answered that question with a resounding NO. Whether its angels, demons, gods, spirits. It's really quite fascinating to me that so many struggle with one belief but go for another. Or fail to see the similarity between the two. But I digress here is a unchecking more stuff you follow up on and decide for yourself what to believe. If you want my specific opinions on something , ask away in the comments or hit me up on twitter otherwise I'll be here writing all day!


Literally minutes after I post the episode, from the wonderful John Greenwald of the Blackvault, this could be a pretty big chink in the armor, and the NYT will have some more correcting to do..... 

This link right here is a really good in depth write-up on the Wilson/Davis documents from the perspective of "they're real"


The video below is a great conversation between John Greenwald of the Blackvault.com and Alejandro Rojas. Both of whom are must follows if you're into UFOs and associated conspiracies. They discuss Wilson/Davis, Majestic 12, and current UFO hot topics 

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