Lore and Legends Info!


So I've cleaned up a few things around here to make it easier. For now, the best way to support the show is BuyMeACoffee.com/LoreandLegends, and RedCircle You don't need an account, and its a one time deal! 

There is also an "Exclusive" Podcast feed for $2 a month that gets you some supporter only bonus episodes too! 

The YouTube Channel is up to date. You can also find these videos here on this blog by clicking "Videos" near the top on the homepage. However Lore and Legends is and will remain a primarily audio production. I usually just put some relevant artwork over the audio that may or may not correlate to that point in the story, don't expect anything super elaborate...for now... You can also find videos on Bitchute, and Odysee.

Instagram @LoreandLegends1, Twitter @LoreandLegends3, and Reddit username LoreAndLegendsParler @ObiWade. Out of the these I'll be most active on Reddit and Twitter. Alternatively you can comment here on the blog with no account necessary,   or email loreandlegendspodcast@gmail.com. Oh and YouTube comments, I check those regularly!

Thats it. Just wanted to have all this noted somewhere official for those of you who take the time to come here and support the show. If you could, drop me a 5 star written review on Apple or wherever if you get a moment and share your favorite episode with someone whom you think may like it. Your word is the absolute best way to grow and support the show!