The Sallie House Haunting


The Sallie House in Atchison Kansas. Photo From

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It's October, and that means it is an especially perfect time for ghost stories! For this episode, I chose to cover a story from my home state of Kansas, the Sallie House haunting, sometimes referred to as "The Heartland Ghost".

In the podcast episode I cover many of what I would call the "main events" from 1993-1994, but rest assured there are many more details out there that help complete the picture and make it even stranger. 

The first place you should go for more of that is which is the official website and lists much of the story as well as more anecdotes from the Pickmans. photographs, and even some links to more historical data about the house itself!

There is also the book "The Sallie House Haunting" written by Debra Pickman which you can find at the image/link below. This book was possible because Debra actually kept notes as things occurred and that is how this book is laid out, effectively day by day. Many many more details can be found in this book, as well as insight into the thoughts of Debra and Tony as the events occurred and their reflections after the fact. It also served as the primary source for this episode!


If you'd rather track down the older footage, check this page out for a list of things to go on. A lot of these older videos can be found on YouTube as well if you search for them.

And of course if you'd like to visit the Sallie House or see about staying the night go here

As for my take on "ghosts" and "demons", I am firmly in camp "demon". When you die, I believe that is it you move on to whatever awaits you for eternity be it salvation or damnation. I believe that the "paranormal" we perceive in this world is in fact the work of beings who exist primarily outside of our realm and occasionally make an appearance. I am a christian, and the Bible is full of examples of Angels, Demons, and Satan himself intervening here on earth. There is even an example of a floating hand appearing at a gathering and writing an ominous message in front of a crowd! Belshazaar's Feast is the name off that incident. If we go back to the beginning we even have an entire era of history in which the "sons of god" defiled the earth as they pleased setting up the flood of Noah. You can see my podcasts on Enoch and the Book of Giants for some apocryphal literature related to that era. Even the concept of Djinn is not to far off the mark of Angel or Demon.

Belshazzar's Feast, by Rembrandt

Now in earlier episodes of another show I helped with called Skinwalker Radio we came into contact with several people who had experiences related to Skinwalker Ranch. And there always seems to be a common thread. It was summed up best by the former guard we interviewed named Chris Bartel who said something along the lines of "You get out what you put in". When someone brought positive energy, they tended to do fine. But those who took negative energy had a rough go. Chris experienced several things on the Ranch, and even saw Orbs similar to what was mentioned by Debra the Sallie House. This idea of your attitude or your energy mattering mirrors the Pickman's story as well. Debra experienced something more "playful" and Tony experienced something more fearful, angry, and violent. And Tony was spot on in my opinion when he mentions demons opening you up however they think you will, and then changing once that happens.

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