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I decided to migrate Lore and Legends to, and it shouldn't effect anyones existing subscription. 

RedCircle gives me more of that analytical data I pretend to understand, informed me of a few more platforms I'm now on (Pandora, Amazon, TuneIn) and helps me land my trailer on some other relevant podcasts for growth and will even kick out video versions of my audio to make keeping the YouTube Channel more up to date much easier on my part.

The coolest new feature  is the "Exclusive Content". In the past I have flirted with the idea of "Bonus" episodes.  In my mind they'd be shorter episodes that are self contained stories like "Coyote Kills a Giant" that are not quite worthy of a full episode, or maybe just my personal thoughts on a relevant issue of the day like "UFO Crash Retrieval and the New York Times" or something similarly out of the ordinary. 

Screenshot of Lore and Legends on RedCircle 

Not all of the stories or opinions I have are relevant or justifiable to "Lore and Legends" main feed which I try to keep longer fuller and more polished. 

In addition to this, if you'd like to leave a tip rather than subscribe to something you can do it on my RedCircle page as well by clicking this link: Tip Lore and Legends

This should hopefully be the last structural change I make to Lore and Legends for pretty much ever. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for subscribing and if you would, kindly share an episode with a friend and leave me a good review!

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