Miracles of War

Angel of Mons by Leonard Raven Hill

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 So, what DO you think, do you believe in miracles? Leave a comment below! 

For me personally the answer yes. But this episode isn't intended to convince you one way or the other its to sort of leave you hanging and make you think about what you think and the evidence that you may or may not be aware of one way or the other. 

The Korean Story " The Man on the Road" that was featured in this episode comes from "Korean Folk Tales" by Im Bang and Translated by James Gale in 1913 . I stumbled on this story while looking around at other stories. And It actually sent me down a "History of Asia/China" rabbit Hole that I am presently enjoying. Im waiting for a couple of books for a future episode that also revolves crazy events that happen during war though it's going to be very dark and not at all "miracles" of salvation. 

And here is the Full text of Arthur Machen's "The Bowmen", the short story that almost certainly sparked the Angel of Mons legend.


Wartime miracles that involve mysterious saviors or beings are actually really common and go back seemingly as far as the concept of war itself. From Greek gods intervening  on behalf of the greeks to the Walls of Jericho and the Ark of the Covenant, every culture has its stories and beliefs. 

On that note, several "miracles" I wanted to mention involve modern Israel and allegedly took place during the 6 day war of 1967.

One of the most prominent is the account of Gershon Salomon. His story begins with him laying on the ground after being badly wounded in the fighting. As he was about to be overran he and his unit were saved by a group of Angels who drove the Syrians back and the voice of God told then they would usher in the restoration fo the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Upon returning to the conflict after recovering he found himself and his unit atop the Temple Mount when a mysterious civilian appeared and took the unknowing men on a tour of the Temple Mount declaring the location of the original holy site before mysteriously disappearing. 

There are other stories as well if you go hunting for them, such as Egyptian Tank Commanders seeing hundreds of Israeli tanks when no more than a dozen were present, or villages of Israeli settlers being protected by Angels with flaming swords.

Michael the Archangel and his flaming sword

Is there a theme here though? Well yes and an obvious one. These were Israeli soldiers, fighting for their historical Jewish, religious, homeland not long after the atrocities of World War 2. Surrounded by Muslim armies, many of whom were more than sympathetic of Hitler, its probably one of the most intense situations you could imagine, especially when you consider how small and stranded Israel really is and was at the time. 

So what do you make of stories like these? Are you inclined to believe that the supernatural shows up at the final moment or do you think we create familiar feeling legends to foster a sense of moral courage and of hope? All of the above?

I also hinted a bit at politics in this episode and specifically the current US political scene. And to cut to the chase I am referring directly to Qanon, Sidney Powells Kraken, Lin Woods former Twitter Account, and The "Riot" at the capital and everything that goes along with them. However, I don't want to pollute Lore and Legends with politics but I cant help but feel the need to share my opinion.


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Something in this particular bonus episode for everyone to get mad about so Im looking forward to the feedback!