Roswell: Darker than Aliens

Roswell Crash by CSuk-1T, Deviant Art


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The Roswell Incident of 1947 is easily on of if not the most popularized UFO crashes of all times. It’s been the subject of movies, documentaries, and is of course tied to a mountain of conspiracies about an ongoing government orchestrated coverup of the fact that we are not alone.


For this episode I want to discuss an alternative to the Roswell story, one that doesn’t involve Aliens or UFO’s but one that might be even darker and explain the governments need for secrecy.


I’ll give a brief overview of the Roswell story / timeline first to get things going:


By 1947 the idea of aliens and UFO’s wasn’t new, it was in fact gaining popularity as human awareness of space was on the rise and of course exploration was just around the corner thanks to advances in rocketry coming out of World War 2. Not to mention cameras were beginning to be widely available for the first time, and in general, aviation was rapidly becoming the mega industry it is today. 

1st photo from space. Taken by a V2 launched from New Mexico in '46

So, in July of 1947 when rancher Mack Brazel stumbled upon some unusual debris in a pasture. Mack who had previously found downed weather balloons, felt this was unusual enough to contact the sheriff who in turn contacted the Roswell Army Airfield. The Army went back to the location and collected the debris. A story was published in the newspaper describing what they collected as a “Flying Disk”


This of course raised more than a few eyebrows, and the story as followed the very next day with a new story titled Army Debunks Roswell Flying Disk as World Simmers with Excitement.” Though Mack Brazel maintained that it was not a balloon. 


Mack Brazel’s family and those close to him recall him being in a very excited state over the whole incident and take it a given that the patriotic Mack was sworn to secrecy and took his oath very seriously, and thus took the most explicit details of what he really knew to his grave in 1964. 


Mack Brazel

There are of course a lot more threads you can pull even within that timeline of just a few days if you want, and we will revisit at least one of them in a moment, but well skip forward to 1994 really quick, when the government revealed slash claimed that the incident in 1947 was the wreckage of a balloon from Project Mogul, a secret program to use sensitive high-altitude microphones to detect soviet nuclear tests that ran from 1947 to 1949.

More on Mack Brazel

Which seems to make some sense out of the whole story. It was a balloon, but an unusual secret balloon wrapped up in earliest stages of the cold war, and as such Brazel probably was debriefed and made to sign some sort of NDA.


But there’s one thread in particular this conclusion leaves unresolved. The Bodies.

Still from the infamous "Alien Autopsy" Hoax


Glenn Dennis, a mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell in 1947, claimed to have received a series of strange phone calls from the Roswell Army Airfield about how best to handle and preserve small bodies that were exposed to the elements. These phone calls were followed by a panick stricken visit from a friend of his who was a nurse at the base. She described three bodies recovered from a wreck and even sketched them out on a notepad for him. They agreed to speak again sometime about this but that was the last Glenn would ever hear from her. 

Detailed Timeline of Roswell Events

The Account of Glenn Dennis


Were these incidents related? The pop culture answer seems to be yes, because that’s really the only answer we’ve ever had to go on. There is a military answer,  that the three bodies were small rubber test dummies. The kind pushed out of Airplanes with parachutes to fool the Germans in World War 2. 


Example of one of the more detailed paratrooper dummies

But why would obvious rubber test dummies make it to a medical exam room and frighten a nurse? And if there was no medical exam then why would the military even feel compelled to address the issue?

The Final Roswell Report from the US Military 1997


It gets worse for the rubber dummy explanation when you add the testimony of Melvin Brown, who was called from the base to serve guard duty over the wreckage as it was transported off the ranch. He was ordered to climb into the back of a covered truck and go with it back to base but to not look under the tarps. He snuck a peak though and saw the strange dead bodies for himself. 


Let’s get to the whole point of this episode, the alternative Roswell, that doesn’t require aliens or crash dummies, but is perhaps even more dark and sinister….


The following account is paraphrased from, a blog ran by longtime UFO researcher Keith BasterfieldThe post in specific is called "Jacobson, Redfern, and the Adelaide Informant" and can be found bye clicking the link below...


*A man named Martin, in Adelaide Australia claimed that his father was British Intelligence and that when Martin was 12, he told him a story that he was told couldn’t repeat until he was very old or near death...


In the late 1940s the Americans were working on getting into space. One of the chief concerns was returning humans from space, surviving re-entry and and recovering the craft on the ground, as water was not yet considered a landing option. 


The Americans experimented by dropping various designs of landing craft from high altitude aircraft and large high-altitude balloons that used parachutes and rockets to slow their descent. These were tested at night for obvious reasons.


Animals were sometimes used as subjects, but for this particular experiment in 1947, they needed 3 live people.


The US Government used 3 individuals who suffered from a condition called Hydrocephalus, without their consent. Hydrocephalus is “Water on the Brain” a condition that results in an enlarged head, deficits in muscle tone and strength, and overall poor growth alongside a host of others. Pics at


The craft carrying these 3 individuals went off course and crash landed over a ranch outside of Roswell New Mexico, where it was witnessed by a local rancher.


The Military moved swiftly to cover up the incident, intentionally releasing the Flying Disk story as a sensational cover story only to discredit it a day later to make it seem as if nothing important happened at all.*


Roswell Debris

So, was the US Government doing classified high-altitude experiments using disabled human subjects without their consent? And did one of these experiments crash in an area outside of their control and give rise to the Aliens of Roswell story?


In my opinion, this is actually pretty believable. In the 1930s and 40s all sorts of high-level experiments were carried out by dark forces of government and also within the confines of academia. 


In the 1930s, Syphilis was intentionally given to nearly 400 poor black male subjects without them knowing in Tuskegee Alabama as part of study of the effects of the disease. They were offered treatment despite not knowing they were infected with syphilis, but no real treatment was given, these appointments were merely opportunities to monitor the infected.

This continued into the 1970s, and the wives and partners of these men were also infected, and many children born with birth defects as result. The government never did anything about this until it got caught in 1972, and even then, all it did was stop intentionally infecting people. 


Orphan and disabled children were also common subjects of cruel experiments, and babies were reported as “volunteers” in other experiments.


At the Nuremberg trials at the end of WW2, Nazi Scientists even cited an American Study of Malaria that used prisoners as unknowing subjects as a defense for some of their own experiments on unwitting Jews. 


It was absolutely not beneath the United States Government to take advantage of the neediest of its own citizenry, especially if it was a forgotten group of minorities or children. There are many many examples of this. 


So, could the three small bodies have been toddlers who suffered from hydrocephalus? Head over to and look at some of the pictures. It looks an awful lot like the classic alien doesn’t it? Enlarged head, skinny limbs. And even the color, grey, makes sense if you consider that these individuals would have died in the crash, been cold, stiff, burned and dirty. And this was of course before the internet, Hydrocephalus is something probably most of us have never seen and maybe never even heard of today, now imagine you’re outside of a small BFE New Mexico town in 1947 and get surprised by something crashing in the field at night and find 3 bodies with some stage of this condition…..


Of course the government would cover it up.


Let’s also not forget this was just a couple hours’ drive from where the first American Atomic bomb was tested, and where Nazi Scientists like Werner Von Braun were Flying modified Nazi V2 rockets, even taking the first picture from space in 1946. If a wild high-altitude experiment was going to happen, this was absolutely the place for it. 


Anecdotally, I would also add President Eisenhower’s push for a Civilian space agency, NASA in the late 1950s as something to add to this, removing space from the domain of the DoD to a high degree. 


So, what do you think? Just a balloon test? Aliens? Or some weird mash up of the two involving balloons, space travel, and vulnerable humans who might seem like aliens and are denied rights as such? 

Or is everyone involved just full of it?

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