UFO's, Aliens, and Power

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The first voice you heard was that of President Ronald Reagan, addressing the UN General Assembly in 1987, followed by President Barack Obama answering a question posed about the existence of Aliens on The Late Show with James Corden. 





So how will the world react to that potential threat? Is Disclosure really at hand? Well I think it may well be closer than it has ever been, and for seemingly good reasons. But I’m also going to take those reasons apart over the course of this episode as I share my thoughts about the subject, and hopefully they make you think as well…. This wont be an all encompassing discussion about UFOs or Aliens, Ive touched on this topic several times in past episodes from different angles, and the ideas presented in this episode may or may not be related, so absolutely feel free to comment, share, flame, and discuss on YouTube or loreandlegends.net….


Now For those of you who have followed Lore and Legends for awhile you may recall I briefly had a hand in a now disbanded podcast called Skinwalker Radio that focused on Skinwalker Ranch after a close friend of mine became acquainted with a former guard of Skinwalker Ranch while the Ranch was owned by Robert Bigelow and under the of the AAWSAP and AATIP programs. 


As we dove into the history of the ranch, we talked with a lot of people. From former guards, to current employees who appear in the History Channel show the Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch.  But it also led us into conversations with some of the eye-witnesses like Gary Voorhis and Patrick Hughes of things like the 2004 TicTac event. But we also had some conversations with people that weren’t recorded, and it was those side conversations that really sent us down some rabbit holes.


One thought we couldn’t escape, was the idea that their was a major push or struggle for the overall narrative surrounding UFO’s, Aliens, and the weird. 




On May 13th 2021 Not long before 60minutes aired its big UFO episode, Author Ezra Klein published an excellently written opinion piece in the New York Times called “Even if you think discussing aliens is weird, hear me out” which I will link to along with everything else at loreandlegends.net via a link in the episode description…..  But in this article one paragraph stood out to me and will help set the tone for this episode:




“The question, then, would be who could impose meaning on such an event. “Instead of a land grab, it would be a narrative grab,” Diana Pasulka, author of “American Cosmic: U.F.O.s, Religion, Technology,” told me. There would be enormous power — and money — in shaping the story humanity told itself. If we were to believe that the contact was threatening, military budgets would swell all over the world. A more pacific interpretation might orient humanity toward space travel or at least interstellar communication. Pasulka says she believes this narrative grab is happening even now, with the military establishment positioning itself as the arbiter of information over any U.F.O. events.”


End Quote



If you look through the rest of Ezra’s article, a few names should stand out to you they are Former Senator Harry Reid, Former Direcrtor of the CIA John Brennan, and Former head of the DIA John Ratcliffe.


For those of you who don’t know, Harry Reid is the guy who gave Robert Bigelow (his personal friend and donor) the secret contract for the AAWSAP/AATIP programs that we still know very little about.


And if you go looking you will find a list of Items that were worked under AATIP that name Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis. 


Hal Puthoff being a longtime “spook” if you will , famous for his work in lasers, and the early days of Scientology, but moreso for his involvement with the Army and Later CIA Psychic Spying programs best described by Project Stargate.




Eric Davis, was the resident Physicist on the original NIDS team at Skinwalker Ranch in the late 90s and Early 2000s as well. Hal Puthoff visited Ranch during this time frame as well…

Both of these men have no shortage of talking points and conspiracies surrounding them. And they could at one time both be found in and around Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonges To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. Along with former deputy Director of the DIA Christopher Melon, and the former Head/Manager of the AATIP program Luis Elizondo. Another name to look at here is Neil Mccasland. 


There are more names I could mention, and as I mentioned plenty of other stories to go along with them. But do you see a trend yet? Most all of these men are high ranking intelligence figures, and most of the incidents they describe all exclusively involve the military. 


Now if you’re a good conspiracy nut, that should atleast be something you stay wary of. 


But we do ultimately have the input from the Navy crew members and pilots who all claim to have seen something very unusual.  




So what is it that put so many of these secret world folks in the same basket and in front of cameras and microphones?


I don’t know. But I do believe they all saw things that are very unusual, and the ones I’ve personally spoken to all seemed believable, even though there are disparities between some of the accounts.


That being said, I do want to point out a couple of things. 






The Navy does in fact possess the ability to create “Plasma UFO’s” and I’ll quote from a Forbes Article published May 11th 2020 titled “US Navy Creates Plasma UFO’s”


The Navy declined to discuss the project, but the work is described in a 2018 patent: “wherein a laser source is mounted on the back of the air vehicle, and wherein the laser source is configured to create a laser-induced plasma, and wherein the laser-induced plasma acts as a decoy for an incoming threat to the air vehicle.”

The patent goes on to explain that the laser creates a series of mid-air plasma columns, which form a 2D or 3D image by a process of raster scanning, similar to the way old-style cathode ray TVs sets display a picture. 

A single decoy halves the chances of an incoming missile picking the right target, but there is no reason to stop at one : “There can be multiple laser systems mounted on the back of the air vehicle with each laser system generating a ‘ghost image’ such that there would appear to be multiple air vehicles present.

Unlike flares, the LIPF decoy can be created instantly at any desired distance from the aircraft, and can be moved around at will. Equally importantly, moves with the aircraft, rather than dropping away rapidly like a flare, providing protection for as long as needed. 

The aircraft carrying the laser projector could also project decoys to cover other targets: “The potential applications of this LIP flare/decoy can be expanded, such as using a helicopter deploying flares to protect a battleship, or using this method to cover and protect a whole battle-group of ships, a military base or an entire city.

End Quote:

But wait there is more, The Navy also has something referred to as Project Nemesis, an excellent article published on TheDrive.com  November 7th 2019 Titled “ The Navy’s Secretive and Revolutionary program to Project False Fleets From Drone Swarms” describes it as an array of drones and electronic warfare equipment that operates bot in the air and underwater that confuse multiple sensor systems into thinking they see things that simply aren’t there. The Nemesis Program started in 2014 and was part of a war game exercise as soon as 2015, not to far removed from the USS Roosevelt UFO incidents. The Drive’s article also suggests that the Navy expected Nemesis hardware to be “ready” by 2018. And if that wasn’t enough, the article mentions UAVs launched from submarines as well as unmanned submersible vehicles…


But were Navy personnel on duty really fooled by secretive Navy tech in our own backyard? I don’t know. My point here is to just stop and think. Consider the famous grainy black and white videos we’ve all seen. Infrared videos that is. 


Id also say especially consider the Incidents that happened on the west coast near the US Navy base at St Clemente Island which seems to be conveniently in the area of many of these events including the 2004 Nimitz Encounter and the recently reported USS Kidd incident. 


Now the Navy does also have some really weird patents, usually just referred to as the “UFO” patents and they describe what could only be called a classic UFO. A power source that could allow a craft to defy gravity. More excellent reporting from TheDrive.com though suggests these patents never amounted to anything other than an not so well funded RD exercise… Link at LoreandLegends.net


Navy figures aside, lets get back to all these Intel types mentioned at the beginning. If they knew something was not in fact Alien Tech would they lie about it? You tell me. Do you trust the CIA and DIA to not lie to your face for political gain? And consider that some of these people may not even know they’re lying if this is the case.


Also consider that if congress is pressured to pursue the issue, the result of that is taxpayer dollars flooding towards whoever has their hand out the fastest. And the military industrial complex would gladly march you into Iraq for a few dollars more…


To that end, an article published in Newsweek May 17th 2021 Titled “Inside the Militarys Secret Undercover Army” points out that our hidden spy force that operates domestically has swelled to some 60,000 members, the largest such force in the world. And they do all the awful things that make us cry foul when they have the name “Russia” or “China” attached to them. Think about Edward Snowden, Julian Assange or literally any other real conspiracy of the past half century like Project Mockingbird, or the incredibly suspicious mishandling of the Jeffrey Epstein story. Are these the types you trust? 




I’m not necessarily saying they are all being disingenuous when it comes to UFO’s, but what happened to nop trusting the government? Especially when its an issue they could grab by the horns, never prove, and use it to do whatever they want. 


Not at all unlike how the Covid-19 crisis quickly ballooned into the tinder box for “The Great Reset”, and the bait and switch phrase “Build Back Better” echoed by politicians the world over as an excuse for more government spending and debasing of our national currencies to the detriment of the common man...



Consider the following quote from Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman on CNNs Fareed Zakaria GPS in December 2017:




“If we discovered that, you know, space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months,” he said. “And then if we discovered, oops, we made a mistake, there aren’t any aliens, we’d be better—“


“There was a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode like this in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace,” Krugman said. “Well, this time, we don’t need it, we need it in order to get some fiscal stimulus.”


End Quote





What Krugman said here is relevant and is a sort of version of what’s called The Broken Window Fallacy. You can read a much-much more in-depth breakdown of that exact issue by following the link, but the main point here is that many people view catastrophe or perceived catastrophe as an opportunity. Krugman was being lighthearted when he made this comment about aliens, but the idea is out in the wild…


Now putting all of that together, think about the Reagan quote I used to open the episode. How would the world react to the idea of UFO’s buzzing around unchecked? Would the UFO’s even need to be real in the sense that they’re alien? Or would enough people merely need to believe in it. Would that really be so different from any other crisis in recent history being abused to a political end? In the words of Winston Churchill and perhaps more memorably in recent times Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel “Never let a good crisis go to waste”…


I do want to add one more thing to this topic. Escapism. "The tendency to seek, or the practice of seeking, distraction from what normally has to be endured"


Alien and UFO stories are unique in this regard. Not that there are no other forms of escapism, I mean we raised a whole generation on Zombie Apocalypse movies, but Aliens and UFO’s have a sort of universal appeal. Because we all look at the stars and we can all see how big space is, and we all at one time or another have wondered if humanity is really alone. I think maybe there is a hardwired part of our brain that thinks or is ready to think about this issue, and it isn’t entirely detached from the religious parts we have. My point – this topic is uniquely primed to be a story or event that has real consequences depending on who handles it and how. And as such regardless of what you believe, be cautious of who it comes from and how it comes, and be especially careful if it comes from the institutions of power dangled as carrot in exchange for more power. 


So what do you think about the modern narratives surrounding UFOs and Aliens? Let me know in the comments at YouTube and LoreandLegends.net


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That’s all for this episode, Cya Next time!









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