Project Bluebeam

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There has been a lot of talk in the past couple years about stuff that used to be fringe but is increasingly less so for better or for worse, conspiracy theory, aliens, UFOs. Conspiracies like the one surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, his island, and his death, are firmly in the mainstream maybe even as much as the Kennedy assassination. We have TV shows about Skinwalker Ranch, UFOs, and of course the US Navy has made more than a few waves in the UFO scene as of late, it’d also be awfully hard to not mention Qanon given the past few years of American history. But stories of powerful elites or aliens or other strange beings ruling the world from the shadows aren’t exactly new, nor is the idea of aliens or outside forces giving them an assist. You might even contend that many religions are making the same sorts of cases…..

For this episode I wanted to go to the Conspiracy Graveyard and dig up a conspiracy theory that made the rounds about 30 years ago that puts the Cabal, Illuminati, or whatever you want to call this anonymous group of elites, deep in bed with UFO/Alien disclosure narratives. This is just for fun BTW, I’m not trying to sell you any particular idea, so kick back and let’s get weird…


Project Bluebeam, it’s called. You may have heard of it or seen the name if you’ve ever gone wandering in the dark and weird corners of the internet. And what it describes is a plan that takes decades to unfold that ends in the elimination of existing religions, individual freedom, sees the consolidation of power by this mysterious elite come to fruition, using advanced technology to produce mass scale visual and auditory hallucinations, push disinformation, perform selective genocide, and of course introduce the world to the Aliens.

We’ll get into each of these over the course of this episode, and for a transcript of this episode and some follow up links check out 


Now let’s start from the top.


Where does the idea of Project Bluebeam come from? The name you should check out is Serge Monast. He was a French-Canadian Conspiracy Theorist whose ideas gained steam in the early 90s. He mostly wrote and talked about things related to the idea a one world government and big government in general. A familiar theme for many broad conspiracies including modern ones like Qanon, and the yet unresolved things surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.


Serge died in 1996 at the age of 51 after a heart attack shortly after being released from jail and having his children taken from him by the state. Of course, this part will come back up later…


Serge Monast

Serge popularized what he referred to as Project Bluebeam in 1994. Project Bluebeam would consist of 4 steps that would happen simultaneously or in rapid succession and its goal is to dominate the world and establish a New World Order. This plan would be primarily carried out by the United States, NASA, and its Allies.


According to Serge the first major step in the final rollout of Project Bluebeam would be timed with a global financial crisis and a time of major upheaval in the worlds political systems. The goal is to begin implementing a unified global currency, and to begin restricting the ability of individuals to hunt and fish and grow their own food. They know that they must subdue populations with freedom, guns and money and will seek to control all 3. 


Things get moving with discoveries of many shocking artifacts all over the worlds after a series of artificially induced earthquakes. These quote unquote new artifacts will be religious in nature. And collectively they will begin to set the stage for the dismissal of the major world religions of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. They point towards a massive misunderstanding of the religious texts and histories and instead point towards space as the place that holds the answers. The motivation here is establishing “public physical proof” in order to change the mindsets of many of religious adherents, and discourage any fence sitters, or would be newcomers. In some ways it reminds me a lot of the Ancient Aliens tv series on History Channel. 


Serge's Project Bluebeam Essay

Serge also claims that they have been building up to this event for decades and that shows like 2001 A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, and Independence Day are very intentional in this regard. 


The Second Step in Project Bluebeam is where things really pick up, there will be a massive light show in the upper atmosphere effectively turning the sky into a giant movie screen that will be different for each region and depict the local favorite religious savior figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed. Simultaneously audio will be broadcast explaining away all the old religions and paving the way from the singular new world religion  as the savior figures merge into one being. The global broadcast that coincides with the space show will be carried out through super high tech means as well as traditional means. Serge alleges that the tech that would allow them to remotely induce auditory hallucinations and hypnosis in people already exists and is in the process of being deployed for this moment.


Project Bluebeam Weirdness, Taken from

The third step gets even weirder and builds off the second step. This New World Order will have some capacity to literally invade your mind. Serge Quotes Lt Colonel John Alexander on the proposal that satellites could someday broadcast thoughts into your mind and if you weren’t consciously aware of this happening you would never stop to question your own motivation for anything. A mass attempt at mind control.


Step 4 is the big one and involves three separate parts. The first is to make virtually everyone believe that an of world Alien invasion is imminent. The goal is to provoke nuclear nations into using their nuclear weapons to stave off an invasion that isn’t real.


At the same time, Christians will be convinced that an event called the Rapture is imminent, and mass visual and auditory hallucinations of demons, ghosts, and other supernatural forces will extremely widespread, but it is a trap that will lead them to their deaths. 

Massive loss of life will ensue, especially among Christian populations who are thought to be the ones most resistant to this one world government. 


The Aliens will be proven to be a hoax, and the use of nuclear weapons in the upper atmosphere will provide the UN the cover it needs to assert control over the most powerful countries and people will demand it. The Space Messiah from the earlier light show will be heard as the one who brings order to the world in this time of chaos, cementing a new religion centered around humanity and carried out in practice by the new political body of the Elites, and the elimination of most people who might oppose them.


More on the Fake Alien Invasion


First let’s go back to Serge’s death in 1996. This happened after he claimed he was being watched and hunted by the authorities. Serge homeschooled his two children, and this brought the authorities to his house to take his children from him and make them wards of the state, Serge was arrested and spent the night in Jail. When he came the next day he had a heart attack and died. Stress? Or something more sinister on the heels of Project Bluebeam discussion?

Why the focus on Christians at the end? If you are not aware, the End Times in Christianity involve a false messiah, who establishes a one world government, and a single world currency while declaring himself to be God, and he will perform signs and wonders. So, of-course if that is your backdrop you would be extremely leery of anyone doing these things. Now not all Christians fall into the group expecting a rapture, but many especially in the USA do. 



Beyond that I thought the idea of mass visual and auditory hallucination was interesting. This is one of the topics that gets brought up when discussing places like Skinwalker Ranch and the idea the Government was testing weapons like these on unwitting ranchers and later the property guards. It also invokes Lt Colonel John Alexander whose name should be familiar to anyone who has poked around the ideas of Remote Viewing or seen the movie or read the book “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.  This puts you right next to guys like Hal Puthoff who at this time in the 90s was still running the CIA’s Project Stargate which I did an earlier episode on. Hal also visited Skinwalker Ranch, has a Physics PhD from Stanford and a background in high tech Lasers! Not to mention heavy-heavy ties to the UFO scene with his name appearing on several of the line items in the one declassified paper we have about the secret AATIP program…… But I digress, things exist that are intended to make people and sensors confused or see and hear things that aren’t there. The idea of using tech to portray a demon or a ghost also has a heavy Skinwalker Vibe if you ask me….

And laugh all you want, I’m right there with you on this, but in general does the high-tech hallucination mind control stuff not sound like the current 5G cell tower conspiracies that are floating around social media? 


The one thing in here that I do find the most interesting is the idea of the false aliens or the fake UFO. Because I do think Aliens as a general topic can and does reach a religious fervor and government either accidentally or intentionally has found itself in a role to be a gatekeeper because of the number of people who just want to believe no matter what. I wouldn’t put it past a power-hungry politician to waive that issue around when it’s convenient, because they wouldn’t even need to do much other than show a couple select photos or grainy videos and claim the juicy details are to secret. 


There’s something about the idea of the grand conspiracy, really what they are trying to do is explain the world and often times look at the most negative or potentially most negative aspects of humanity and technology. It’s not entirely useless either. I think there are lessons we can learn from this kind of thinking in the form of warning. What might powerful technology in the wrong hands lead to, and how cautious are we being with all these new tools? In the not-so-distant future things like Neuralink and augmented reality lenses are sure to shape our world. We already seem to not be able to handle the onslaught of information that comes from social media and the internet in general, so what happens when it’s more unavoidable and perhaps literally a part of you? And as governments grow and meaningful independence is replaced with simple majority and mob rule, how can we be sure that the majority isn’t going to off the deep end and use the latest tools as a weapon against the 49% as so many cultures have done in the past and are in fact doing right now in many parts of the world including the US? 


A Monkey with a Neuralink implant playing "Pong" with its mind

It’s definitely worth considering and being on guard about the future and questioning human authority every step of the way.  


That is all for this episode, and now for whatever it is or isn’t worth you know a little bit about one of the big grand conspiracies of everything “Project Bluebeam”. So, if ever you should look up and see the holographic alien invasion and the arrival Buddha and Mohammad in the sky, tell them you heard about it on Lore and Legends!

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